Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Photos of Short Hair

To go along with my post "Short Hair - Part Two"

Short curly hair after chemo
Short wavy hair

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Short Hair - Part Two

Hair or the lack thereof is an expression of our individuality. When I was undergoing chemotherapy and my hair began to fall out I found it very traumatic. When I had finished my chemo treatments and the hair began to grow again I longed for it to grow quickly so I would look like me again. My hair grew back curly and then the curls softened into waves when my hair grew longer. I recently discovered pictures of my hair from that time and I had wondered why I had not kept it that length since I liked how it looked.

I knew that I needed a haircut and I had to do something with my hair. I felt as if the long sides were like dog’s ears just hanging there. I would often play with my hair, twisting it while I watched TV. My husband had recently suggested that I get a modern hairstyle when I told him I was considering cutting my hair. I dared to have my hair cut short because it once was this short after I had chemo.

My daughter Joy is a hairstylist and I asked her what she would do with my hair if I was a client that came in to the hair salon. I said that she has the advantage of knowing me and my desire for a low-maintenance hairstyle. Knowing that my hair has a natural wave, Joy decided to razor cut it for a softer look.  At first she left the sides a bit longer so it was more like a wedge haircut and not as drastic a change, but I didn’t like how it looked so she cut them off and blended the sides in with the back. I still had a longer bang that I parted to the side. I decided to wash my hair so that the hair would just fall naturally and to see if I wanted to keep that longer bang or to go for a shorter fringe of bangs. After looking at myself in the mirror from different angles, I decided that I would have the shorter bangs.

I had a sense of sadness when I thought why I knew I could risk cutting my hair so short. As I thought about it I remembered how important it was for me to regain a normal life after having cancer, including having the same hairstyle as before. That was the reason I didn’t keep my hair short. Now I was making a choice to have short hair rather than just coping with hair regrowth.

I feel exposed with my hair so short almost as if I had been hiding behind my same safe hairstyle. My earlobes, cheekbones and neck are now more noticeable.  I don’t feel different inside, but when I walk past a mirror I am surprised at how different I look. It is a drastic change but one that I shall embrace as Part Two in having short hair.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Outdoor Sounds From An Open Window

Hum of a lawnmower
Tweeting of birds
Low sound of tires spinning on pavement;
as time goes on the volume increases.
Dog barking
Road construction
Metal clinking, scraping
Sounds like a giant stapler
Loud humming like a drone
Sirens – Police? Fire?
GO train’s horn blows announcing it is coming to town
Children walking home from school – talking
A man walking a dog stops to talk with someone
 and is warned about another dog on a different street
Rain sounding like persistent dripping as it hits the eaves trough and downspout
Horn beeps as a car is locked
Beeping as a truck backs up

Thursday, 12 March 2015


The topic for this month's writers' group was "Something mysterious". I had the idea of doing an acrostic which would include something I think is a mystery for every letter of the word mysterious.

Movie genre - could be murder mystery
Y & X chromosomes – what determines the combinations?     
Spiritual rebirth – how it happens
Taste preferences – why some people like rock music while others prefer country music
Evolutionary “gaps” – if evolution is true – what about the missing links?
Recollection of memories – why we remember random memories and not others
Interpol – warning on DVD’s about prosecution by Interpol, yet who are they?
Outer space – we haven’t found the end of it, there is still much to discover
U.F.O.s – none on display at museums that I know
Sizing variations – why a size medium is not the same fit in every garment

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