Thursday, 12 March 2015


The topic for this month's writers' group was "Something mysterious". I had the idea of doing an acrostic which would include something I think is a mystery for every letter of the word mysterious.

Movie genre - could be murder mystery
Y & X chromosomes – what determines the combinations?     
Spiritual rebirth – how it happens
Taste preferences – why some people like rock music while others prefer country music
Evolutionary “gaps” – if evolution is true – what about the missing links?
Recollection of memories – why we remember random memories and not others
Interpol – warning on DVD’s about prosecution by Interpol, yet who are they?
Outer space – we haven’t found the end of it, there is still much to discover
U.F.O.s – none on display at museums that I know
Sizing variations – why a size medium is not the same fit in every garment

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