Tuesday, 24 June 2008


I have "signposts" that mark where I have been and where I am now.

As I was getting drinking water to fill some water jugs, I recognized a "signpost". When I just had chemo I filled a large water bottle on a regular basis. I needed to flush the toxic chemicals from my sensitive organs. When I was experiencing the side effects of "Stemetil", the anti-nausea drug that I was allergic to, I could barely walk downstairs; I needed to use two hands to carry a filled water jug. Now I can carry two water jugs, one in each hand. I still drink water, but I don't have the urgency or need to rid my body of toxins.

I am now walking, quite briskly, by myself to Curves. I used to only go for a walk if I was accompanied by my husband or my daughter. I feel as if my oncologist gave me a gift or "the key" to now live a healthy life when she gave her approval for me to join Curves.

There are other "signposts" when I do laundry; make dinner; wash dishes; load or unload the dishwasher. These are all tasks that others in my family had to do, without any help from me. Now they chip in as needed, but I am the one who is now able to do these on a regular basis.

The other night, as my husband and I were watching TV, I asked Dan if he ever was reminded of when I was so sick. It was a "signpost" to me, but to him it was just a continuation or resumption of a normal occurrence.

I have decided that when I notice a "signpost" I will thank God for how He has brought me from "there" to "here".

"You are my God, and I will give you thanks; you are my God, and I will exalt you. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever." Psalm 118:28,29 (NIV)

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